Avant-Garde Wealth Management is an exclusive provider of financial services to select high net worth individuals, groups and families. The fundamental values of the firm are built on strong relationships with its clients combined with a comprehensive, top down insight into world markets and changing economic climates.

An investments team with over 50 years of Private Banking and investment experience combined, Avant-Garde Wealth Management manages 2 flagship funds, Avant-Garde Capital & Avant-Garde All Weather Growth Fund. Furthermore, the company utilizes a team of Private Bankers at international institutions in order to provide the full suite of private banking services which work parallel to the discretionary Investment Management services offered by Avant-Garde Wealth Management. The specialization in cash management was borne in the months following the financial crises of 2008. The strategy was an alternative to low yielding risky assets in a volatile capital market where investors were forced to take on undue risk for minimal returns. Success of this strategy necessitated the launch of Avant-Gard Capital in 2014 and Avant-Garde All Weather Growth Fund in 2018.

Avant-Garde Capital  is an event-driven foreign exchange which fund looks to exploit foreign exchange inefficiencies during large scale economic events and announcements. The fund is an absolute return fund with the return objective of 400-600 basis points above the risk free rate and has historically had similar risk ratio (standard deviation) to that of a portfolio of investment grade corporate bonds.

The Avant-Garde All Weather Growth  fund is a slightly more aggressive fund which looks to offer an alternative to equities in the risk/return space. While the fund aims to achieve a return of roughly 800-1000 basis points above the risk free rate, it has a strong emphasis on risk management techniques and an excellent record with regards to drawdowns and returns. The Fund has consistently outperformed its peers.

These funds utilize both in house and 3rd party strategies to execute a top down fundamental view of the market.

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